Global Content Solutions

V CAN Film & Television Co., Ltd.

Global Content Solutions


V CAN Film & Television Co., Ltd. is a film & television company under VCAN Group. We specialize in global distribution and production of quality programming as well as financing film projects. i.e. TV series, TV shows, Movies, and Animation to/from/in Thailand & South East Asia. We provide global content solutions. 

We have been focusing on distributing Chinese series/dramas genre with office in Thailand. We do not only distribute our partner's contents from China but were also chosen by other production companies and TV channels to fund their projects and act as their distributor in the international market. 

Our distribution includes international hits such as ”The Legend of Zhen Huan”, "Red Sorghum", "บัลลังก์เมฆ", "สงครามนางฟ้า" and etc.