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Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate governance is the major principle under VCAN’s companies and an important tool to balance the interests of stakeholders, and enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability of our companies.   

Our Board of Directors has placed an importance on the principle of Good Corporate Governance and understands its roles, duties and responsibilities to the Company, shareholders and all stakeholders. 

To establish a transparency between the stakeholders and the company, a corporate governance policy must be executed. In essence, the board of directors has the duty to protect the interest of both the company and the shareholders, such as reviewing management’s performance to optimize corporate efficiency and investors’ returns. Meanwhile, shareholders have the rights to access the company’s information, make material investment decisions and review the performance of directors and executives. 

Anti-Corruption Policy

VCAN together with all subsidiaries & affiliates places significant importance on the subject of anti-corruption, and hence, has issued a related policy and guidelines for business operation. The Company shall operate with highest commitment to honesty, transparency, fairness, the principle of good corporate governance, business ethic and anti-fraud and corruption of all types, both directly and indirectly.

 For more detail, please download file CG Policy Guideline 2017. Click Here.